January 21

Look At Me!

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 14.08.33Look at me. No, really, look at me. What do you see? Me. No don’t look away, look back. Look what I can do – look at me; I can be a chimpanzee. I can be an old oak tree. I can be anything you like, (if the price is just right). I can do anything you want, if you’d only look and look and look and look and look. Look a bit harder. Just a little bit more. Are you getting me yet? Are you, are you, are you? Can you see?

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January 14

The Importance Of Being Honest

First of all, I would like to wish everyone who enjoys reading my blogs (and anyone else for that matter) a very happy and prosperous new year, let’s hope it’s a good one eh? Why do we always write that. Do we really mean it? No. Let’s face it, we don’t really care. We couldn’t give a flying ninja f*ck as to what kind of year the next twelve months hold for anyone else, except of course – ourselves. Me included.

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February 8

New piano album by Jim Whyte

Jim Whyte Piano Sounds
Hi there good people, bringing news about my new soundscape/cinematic piano album from the jazz drummer.

I know I haven’t written a blog for quite some time now, so I thought it was high time that I got back on the horse (no pun intended) and started writing again.

Recently, my music blogs have been put on the back burner so that I could concentrate on my non-musical business, which is making novelty parking ticket holders for cars and also doing a bit of acting work on the side. Continue reading

January 7

The Jazz Drummer on Tour Pt.3

It’s the the jazz drummer again.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. I have managed to see in the new year with quite an eventful run of performances in its’ lead up; most notably this being with the chamber-pop (not a term the band members themselves would care to use, but nevertheless, a term associated with their unique style of music) group, ‘The Miserable Rich’. Continue reading

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September 11

The Jazz Drummer on Tour (Pt.2)

Here is another occasional missive from the jazz drummer/ drummer singer.

In my last blog, I talked about my summer gig in the Baltic country of Estonia, with the psychedelic/electronica group ‘Oddfellows Casino’. This time around I would like to tell you about my other summer Baltic gigs, in Lithuania, with the ‘London Bridge Ensemble’.

This is a five piece ensemble led by the Anglo-Russian pianist and composer Vladimir Miller.
A frequent visitor and performer in the Baltic countries; this is about the fifth appearance in Lithuania over the years, for the ensemble. Fronted by Anglo-African singer and performer Helen McDonald; the London Bridge Ensemble has a modern jazz approach to its music, with a very strong African undercurrent. Continue reading

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August 8

The Jazz Drummer On Tour

It’s about that time of the month again, when I like to indulge in a bit of blogging, with regards to my own musical path and career, jazz drumming, or drummer / singers, or anything for that matter which happens to bear relevance to music and conversation.

This time round, I would like to spend a bit of time talking about the latest projects which I have been involved in, and where they have taken me.  

Firstly, I would like to tell you what great fun and a privilege it has been for me this summer to perform with such fantastic and creative musicians. I really did have a fabulous time. Continue reading

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June 29

The Jazz Drummer In Session

I thought it was about time that I gave you an update as to what I have been doing over the last few months, with regards to my jazz drumming and beyond.

Over the past 8 weeks or so, I have been heavily involved with the reformed 1970’s prog –rock band ‘Marsupilami’. The reason behind the reforming of this group was purely to perform on the ‘Spirit of ‘71’ stage, at Glastonbury festival this year. I must say that the gig was a resounding success, and the whole build up to the festival, which involved many rehearsals, and an unbelievable amount of laughter, made the whole experience of Glastonbury one of the highlights of my musical career so far. A jazz drummer playing prog rock? I hear you say. Yes, I am not the first and I certainly won’t be the last.
However, there is a whole lot of jazz inherent in the music from this group, and prog rock itself has many close associations with jazz and free form expression. What aspiring jazz or rock musician would ever turn down the chance to play with someone like Frank Zappa for example? Marsupilami front man Fred Hasson happens to be one of his biggest fans. Feel free to check it out hereContinue reading

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April 19

Jazz Drumming and the Uncluttered Mind (Pt.4)

It is time again for one of the final instalments on my latest article, which focuses on music and the mind, from a jazz drummer/singer’s point of view.

6 – Fear.

“The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself” Frankiln D. Roosevelt

Fear comes from nowhere, it pertains to nothing, and it does an individual no good whatsoever, other that cause undue anxiety and stress. Although we associate fear with memory and experience, fear itself will not necessarily prevent the outcome of a situation; it will only succeed in causing harm to an individual and perpetuate the already underlying problems which they have.

So why does the mind allow such a chemical reaction to take place? I believe, it is the fear of the outcome -which we are in some situations powerless to prevent – which we are somehow trying to avoid or change. This outcome may very well mean a step into the unknown, and many many people do not like that. Fear in my mind, is very closely associated with control. When a person is not in control of a situation, the mind starts to run riot. This is – I can well imagine- what a dictator thrives on when they are in power. And, why they are so reluctant to give up that power when they are forced to leave because of their actions; thus creating another fearful situation for those guilty parties.

It has often been said that we are creators of our own world. Continue reading

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March 30

Jazz Drumming and the Uncluttered Mind (Pt.3)

It is now time for the third part in my series of topical looks at jazz drumming and the mind, and the psychological affects which a cluttered mind can have, with regards to inhibiting the flow of a performer’s musical river.

“Clutter creates chaos. It drains your energy. When we clear our clutter, we allow the space for more wonderful things to come into our lives. Go through every drawer, closet, the garage and even the freezer and ask yourself, “Do I love it, do I need it, does it serve me well, would I take it with me if I move? If you can’t honestly say YES, then give it away, sell it or throw it away. This will open up a whole new lively experience, which is the next “rule.” Christina Jantzen

5 – Ego

“To know yet to think that one does not know is best; Not to know yet to think that one knows will lead to difficulty.” Lao Tzu

The ego in jazz and music is a very interesting subject, because it is one which affects all of us to a certain extent at some point in our lives. It possesses the power to make enemies of musicians who would otherwise be friends and friends of musicians who would otherwise be enemies. The ego itself is not necessarily a negative force, although, if misused, it is quite possibly the most destructive power within all mankind. Continue reading

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